UP governor Ram Naik blames previous governments for state lagging behind others

Governor Ram Naik today hosted the dispensation of Yogi Adityanath for his “determination” to activate Uttar Pradesh in a developed state, while indirectly accusing previous governments of the state behind the others. In his 35-minute speech marked by the tumult, during the joint session of the state legislature for the first session of the new … [Read more…]

CMs as envoys

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagement with the out­side world, before he took the top office, was through the bi-an­nual Vibrant Gujarat Summit, which gave him an opportunity to not just reach out to businessmen from dif­ferent parts of the world, but the political leadership as well. His inves­tor-friendly policies had made him a popular figure … [Read more…]

Foreign cure?

A number of Ponzi schemes have come to light in recent years. All of them typically involve legal wrangling with regulators, on public assurances by company offi­cials that they are being unfairly tar­geted and every investor will get her money back. Eventually, the inev­itable happens – hapless millions are parted with their life’s savings. Yet, people … [Read more…]


  A According to Adnan Yildirim (right), deputy minister of econ­omy, Turkey, trade between India and Turkey is expected to rise three­fold from $7.49 billion in 2014 to over $22 billion in the next 5-7 years, sup­ported by a “favourable business cli­mate in both the countries”. He was speaking at the Turkey-India Busi­ness Forum, jointly … [Read more…]