Idol immersion ravages riverside with garbage

LUCKNOW: In addition to contaminating river water, the Ganapati immersion ritual left a residue trail on most Gomti banks. As an estimate, about 10,000 large and small idols were submerged in Gomti last week.

In a reality check, you found that while the river water is deep purple due to the toxic chemicals and metals that go into making and decorating the idols, the shore is filled with “plastic containers , disposable utensils, broken idols and Puja remains.

“During the past week, hundreds of devotees came here every day to dip Ganapati, rituals on the coasts, while others enjoyed flowers and colors before the” visarjan “(dispersion).

But even once, the place was cleaned or swept, “said Shiv Narayan, a seer who lives near Hanuman Setu. The situation is no different than Jhulelal Vatika, the university bridge, Kudiya Ghat and other city coasts.

“There is so much waste that you can not even walk because of envelopes and polyethylene, plus cow manure in various places,” said Shipra Verma, a devotee in Kudiya Ghat.

Citing Visarjan’s condition, Chowk resident Rajat Shukla said his group had decided to avoid bid plans before the dive. “We had plans for a bid before we finally bid farewell to Ganesha, but there was so much dirt that we could not find a place to sit and rest the idol on the floor, so we decided not to handle the bid before the dive,” he said.

Additional municipal commissioner Nandlal Singh said: “In addition to LMC, the irrigation department is also responsible for cleaning the banks. We do our duty, but since there are so many obstacles, it is difficult to maintain cleanliness.

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