BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration: Full text

1. We, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, met on 4 September 2017 in Xiamen, China, at the Ninth BRICS Summit. Under the motto “BRICS: a stronger partnership for a better future,” we strive to build upon our achievements already achieved with a shared vision for the future development of BRICS. We also discussed international and regional issues of common concern and adopted the Xiamen Declaration by consensus.

2. We reiterate that this is the overriding goal and our desire for peace, security, development and cooperation that united us ten years ago. The BRICS countries have made an extraordinary journey together in their respective development paths adapted to their national situation, dedicated to the growth of their economy and the improvement of the livelihoods of populations. Our committed and concerted efforts have generated a multidimensional and multi-layered cooperation dynamic encouraged by previous leaders’ summits. By supporting development and multilateralism, we work together for a more just, equitable, fair, democratic and representative international political and economic order.

3. Our cooperation since 2006 has fostered the BRICS spirit with mutual respect and understanding, equality, solidarity, openness, inclusiveness and mutually beneficial cooperation, which is our valuable asset and inexhaustible source of strength for BRICS cooperation. We respect the paths of development of our respective options and understand and support the interests of each. We have supported equality and solidarity. We also embrace openness and inclusion, dedicated to creating an open world economy. We have fostered our cooperation with emerging and developing countries (EMDC). We have worked together to achieve mutually beneficial results and common development, further deepening the practical BRICS cooperation that benefits the world.

4. We welcome the many fruitful results of our cooperation, including the establishment of the new Development Bank (NDB) and the possible Reserve Agreement (ARC), the formulation of the Strategy for strengthening political and security cooperation, including through meetings of the BRICS Security Representatives and meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and deepening the traditional ties of friendship between our peoples

5. Recalling our summits in Ufa and Goa, we will work together to strengthen the BRICS strategic partnership for the well-being of our peoples. We are committed to harnessing the results and consensus of our previous summits with firm conviction to usher in the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation and solidarity.

6. Believing in the vast development prospects of our countries and in the vast potential of our cooperation, we are very confident in the future of the BRICS. We are committed to strengthening our cooperation.

– We will stimulate our practical cooperation to stimulate the development of the BRICS countries. Among other things, we will promote the exchange of best practices and experiences on development and facilitate market interrelationships and infrastructure and financial integration to achieve interconnected development. We will also strive to broaden partnerships with SLDBs and, in this context, we will continue with uniform and equitable practices and initiatives for dialogue and cooperation with non-BRICS countries, especially through BRICS Plus.

– We will improve communication and coordination to improve global economic governance with a view to promoting a fairer and more equitable international economic order. We will work to improve the voice and representation of the BRICS and SLDB countries in global economic governance and promote an open, inclusive and balanced economic globalization, thus contributing to the development of SLDB and giving a strong impetus to correct the development imbalances North cooperation -Sur and the promotion of the world community. increase.

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