How to download the Blue Whale Challenge APK Game

Blue Whale APK Info
Name: Blue whale
Version: 1.1
Price: Free

Download Blue Whale APK

Blue Whale Game Compatibility
It supports all Android devices, iPhone, iPad and many others. It is also compatible with Windows by downloading and installing the Bluestacks Player application.
Introduction to Blue Whale
Blue Whale is an Android game played on several Android devices by several people. This game is made for suicidal purposes.
This game is distributed around the world and has been downloaded by many people in several countries. It is said that when people download the game and join the game, each person receives a task from the administrator and the administrator gives a daily task for 50 days to send them photographic proof of each task.
In the initial phase, these tasks are simple, like waking up in odd moments, watching horror movies, but saying that performing these tasks to harass and harm the person. These tasks are initially easy to perform, but in the final final assignment 50 and final, they are asked to kill themselves.
Many people are threatened by the administrator that they can harm their family or friends because the administrator initially takes all the information from each village to continue with the game. More than 130 people in the suicide of Russia Due to the game of the Blue Whale Game.
There are many rumors spread out in many countries that this Blue Whale Game pirated Android Mobile and can not be deleted by the user. But this is a misrepresentation of many people as this game is not allowed and approved by Google, Apple and Windows.
These platforms also do not store Torrent from this specific game on the Net. There are many other harmless applications that have names similar to those of the Blue Whales. Due to this news, many people from several countries do not download and do not play similar games that have the same name as the blue whale.

If someone threatens you or your family if the game does not end, please inform parents, police or any other adult. The chances of someone coming after you or the people you love are very, very small, but knowledge is power. Let someone know what is happening and who will help you. If the person you are saying is not helpful, tell someone else until you find someone to help you.

I am a mother and I love my children more than life itself. I know someone loves you. You can protect yourself and your family while being honest and open. People who take care of these things feed on their fear, rejection, disapproval and ultimately hurt you or people you love. Take your power. Tell someone.



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