‘Imran Khan harasses women, sends indecent text messages,’ alleges woman who quit his party

‘Imran Khan harasses women, sends indecent text messages,’ alleges woman who quit his party

NEW DELHI: A woman who left the party politician yesterday, Imran Khan, politician and politician, was accused of harassing members of the women’s party and sending indecent messages, Pakistani media reported.

Other members of the party have rejected the accusations against Imran, saying the woman was upset because she had been denied a vote for the election.

They also said he was considering joining PML (N) party of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif + dishonored.
Pakistan’s legislature Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Ayesha Gulalai said the “abuse” of women at the party why quit smoking.

He also said Imran’s conduct was “very indecent” and refers to allegedly “reprehensible” text messages he received since October 2013, international media reported.

When asked questions about alleged modesty text messages, Gulalai said: “Nobody who has an honor will be able to support the type of language used.”

“Maybe they think Pakistan is England. At this age, they [Imran] can not reform their habits, maybe you do not have control of their behavior.” Gulalai added, Dawn reported.

He was referring to the younger days of Imran when he was a womanizing reputation.
“Workers are not respected in the ITP and the respectable worker can not stay in the party,” Gulalai told Dawn News.

“… the honor of the mothers and sisters was not certain because the president of Imran Khan, whom he called as a false Pathan and a person without character,” The News reported, citing statements Gulalai the press conference.

Lawmakers also accused Imran of being unstable.
“I think Imran Khan has problems because he is jealous of talented people.

He thinks they are a threat. Therefore, many men ran from him. There are other methods with women, “said Gulalai.

He said he wanted the country’s Supreme Court to review its Imran complaints.
Meanwhile, Shireen Mazari, a senior member of the PTI, said Gulalai was such accusations because he was unhappy.

Mazari Imran said she has always treated women with respect, and added that no investigation against him is necessary.

The MP PTI Shireen Mazari, responded to the press conference Gulalai, said that such accusations have been made against Imran Khan because he challenged media sponsors and + policy.

He said that some people had used Gulalai to make baseless accusations against Khan.

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