After Abu Dujana, Zakir Musa only prominent militant leader left in Kashmir: Only matter of time before army gets him

After Abu Dujana, Zakir Musa only prominent militant leader left in Kashmir: Only matter of time before army gets him

Abu Dujana was the second most famous commander of the radical group Ansar-ul-Hind Ghazwat – a faction distributed Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba – the formation of which was recently announced by al-Qaeda.

His murder leaves Zakir Musa as the only prominent face of the group.

The death of Dujana and his partner Arif Lilhari is the first major blow to Musa’s group, which has more than a dozen activists – directly or indirectly – under his command, and who recruits Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba ( LET).

Dujana, 27, led LeT’s operating wing for more than five years before switching sides and joining Musa’s group.

“Most reports have mistakenly identified as an operator of LeT Dujana, which is not true. In fact, he had left the organization for a long time, the subject of money and the relocation of his wife in Pakistan,” said one Former army commander in southern Kashmir Firstpost Tuesday night.

Last week, the Global Media Islamic Front, an online propaganda platform with al-Qaeda, said Musa, a former Hizbul Mujahideen militant, as commander of his Jammu and Kashmir group.

The announcement has given Musa celebration – trying to attract professionals from other groups in five districts of southern Kashmir – a necessary boost.

The Ansar-ul-Hind Ghazwat group could not carry out the attack and is limited to an online presence.

The director general of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, SP Vaid, recently said that Firstpost Musa group had less than two dozen activists and officials.

If his analysis is correct, it shows that Musa has failed completely to recruit other terror teams. Pakistan’s arms flow has also slowed.

On Tuesday morning, Lilhari Dujana, the two well-known Musa group agents, were killed in a heavy gunfire with security forces in the southern Kashmir district of Pulwama.

Forces launched an operation around 4:30 am after receiving information that militants were hiding in the area.

On Tuesday, a civilian identified as Ahmad Khan Firdous was hit by a stray bullet, while another 40 were injured when security forces clashed with civilians near the meeting place.

Another civilian, identified as Akeel Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Gabarpora Hawl, was shot in the abdomen and died of his wounds Wednesday morning.

Protests that rocked southern Kashmir showed Tuesday’s popularity Dujana, a terrorist from the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir region of Gilgit-Baltistan (POK).

Activists enjoyed a reputation as Dujana, known as the “commanding glider” of Kashmir. According to reports, Dujana was an expert in fighting the armed forces and gave them sliding at least six times, including on July 19.

Dujana was replaced by the Pakistani citizen Abu Ismail En a few weeks ago. Ismail has become the brain of the attacks against the pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra, which resulted in seven deaths.

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