Rahul Dravid Backs Rishabh Pant To Become ‘Very Important Player For India’

Rahul Dravid almost never makes predictions about something and even less about the future of a player. However, the Legend of the Bat saved his neck and supported the Rishabh Pant Delhi Bashful (DD) to become “a very important player for India” in the near future, praising the young man for showing cop value and mental strength after Death of his father just before the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017. Despite having lost his father a few days before the tournament, the 19 years have made available the first game of season 10 of Delhi.
“Rishabh played very well this year, has been very good to go, entered the tournament in very difficult, lost his father, which shows his mental strength,” said David Mentor Dravid.
“Pant has overcome this tragedy and behaved well throughout the season. I am sure he will become a very important player for India.”
DD was close to qualifying for the play-offs, but eventually finished in sixth place in the standings with 12 points. Dravid said his team could not win closing costs and games was the difference in the end.
“It is disappointing, of course, I was hoping to qualify in the tournament, but there were options close in the middle that we could not win.
“It takes eight wins to qualify for this tournament, which I had seven last year, six this year and I think the closed games we have lost probably cost us,” Dravid told the conference after the news conference after the loss of his Opponent for Royal Challengers Bangalore.
“Few changes were inevitably forced, because of injuries, sometimes tactical changes are made, so when people are not fit, so it is difficult to evaluate.Each game is different.It is not really an excuse.
“I think we had the team and the players for her. I think the team was very good, maybe a little inexperienced in the battalion due to an injury at first, but I still think I had the capacity and a lot of opportunities In a lot of games. ”
Delhi suffered a massive setback before the start of the 2017 IPL with South Africa star Quinton recruits Kock and JP Duminy opting out of the tournament due to an injury. And with the IPL auction already over, Dravid said it was almost impossible to find replacements.
“Unfortunately for us early in the season, after the auction, Quinton (of Kock) and JP (Duminy), who were probably the two experienced players were removed from the IPL due to an injury and they had to look for the spare parts At the last minute and, I suppose, it is not easy when most of the players are taken.
“So, to balance, we tried to go with a bowling attack a little more experience, since we knew we had young Indian battalions. I think there is a lot of talent, but maybe sometimes I should balance also had a little luck. At the wrong time, maybe some guys are not fired is as good as we would have liked.

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